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The full 9M0L log was uploaded on LoTW at 13 July 2012
9M0L DX-pedition... Never lost hope
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NAME: Takeshi Miyama





Takeshi Miyama passed his first exam when he was 14 years old. On 2002, he suddenly waked up by the HF DXing when he watched his friends’s operation with some DX stations with a simple antenna such as a vertical or long wire. He was so surprised they were enjoying to talk with the DX stations without a huge antenna like a Yagi. He passed his FCC Amateur Extra exam on 2004, and he sometimes enjoys ham radio from KH0(SAIPAN, ROTA, and TINIAN) and KH6(Hawaii). 9M0L will be his first experience to join a genuine DX-pedition team. He is a writer of CQ magazine in Japan. He is a member of RST (Radio Space of Tinian) and Paper-DXers.

Thank you for your support: MARTS, MCMC, NAVY, Tokyo Hy-Power, MAS Airlines & Western New York DX Association in Buffalo, New York (USA).

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